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My second Prius from Wil, this time 100% trust. Wil is easy going, true to his word, and delivers a quality product. Why go anywhere else. Wil is my first choice in looking for a car.
K Rap - Northern CA.
I LOVE MY CAR!!! Most people write a review right after they purchase a car. I decided to write a review one year after the purchase date so that I could review both the buying experience and the reliability of the car. I purchased a Honda CRV with 39,000 miles on March 7, 2015 from Will Ramirez, the owner. I purchased it for under the Kelly Blue Book value. It was the best purchase I ever made. I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy a used car. The transaction was very straight forward, the car was in outstanding condition and to top it off the brakes were practically new. I haven't had any problems whatsoever and I couldn't be happier. I recommend Ournextcar to all my friends and family. Trust me......this is the place to go for a used car!
S.P. - Arcadia CA
I'm very happy with my BMW 135i I would definitively recommend Our Next Car to Family and Friends
Armida Sandoval - Gardena
Great value and good experience.By PSnyder from Claremont, CA | April 15, 2014My BMW 328i was priced well below wholesale. It had minor damage that was expertly repaired. The total mileage of this car was under 13,500. It runs like new and no one can detect that the car was salvaged. Will Ramirez is honest and reliable. He knows his business and willing to help make his customers happy. I had a great buying experience and will return when I need another car. I will also refer my friends without any reservations.Rating from PSnyderOverall: 5Customer Service: 5 out of 5Buying Process: 5 out of 5Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5
Phillip Snyder - Claremont, ca
I was very satisfied with the excellent service frank and will provided. Took my new Lexus to the Dodger Game today and got there no time. I will definitely refer people to this place!!
GEORGE CRUZ - bellflower ca
Excellent seller. Smooth transaction. Rally nice 2006 BMW330i. Will do business again.
Sergio (carsbyponi{at}sympatico.ca) - Toronto,Canada
I'm very happy with my 2007 Honda Civic EX, looks & runs great! I've already reccomended Our Next Car to friends & family members. I'll absolutely consider my next purchase here. Mike
Mike (mikec{at}appraisalarts.com) - Hemet, CA
Very satisfied with my 2006 Cadillac CTS-V, They picked me up from the Airport, Will has made good on any problems that I had with the car, I will do business with them again..
Russell Harkey (harkeypd{at}hotmail.com) - Durant, OK.
I was very pleased with the way they handled the sale. I am an out-of-state buyer and they were very considerate to my time. The car, a 2006 BMW 325XI was delivered in the very good condition as prommised. They even accomodate my additional requests I had in regard to this transaction. Very professional and reliable. I will definitelly buy again here.
Daniel Boboc (bobydaniel70{at}yahoo.com) - Chigaco, IL
Drove down to look at the Infiniti G35 after having it inspected by a mechanic shop of my choosing. Will delivered it with no problem. One thing that I look for in any business transction is credibility and disclosure. After picking the car up I had a few issues after driving the car and Will had no problem fixing them. To sum everything up, I look forward in buying my next car from him and have already recommend him to other friends and associates. Thanks, Will and Timo
Wayland Chu (wayland55{at}hotmail.com) - Madera, California
Thanks Will. I love the car. I appreciate you making everything nice a simple. A smooth transaction is what we all want and you provided that for me. A great car for a great deal. Keep doing what you do and good luck on everything you do.
Thai (leqthai{at}gmail.com) - Orange County California
I'm very pleased with the 2007 g35 that I purchased. I was very cautious on buying a salvage title car but Will was very easy to work with. He told me that the car would not have any problems and if I was still worried about it that I could get a warranty. I will definetly buy my next car from Will. So far no problems and I would recommend Will to all my friends and family. Thanks Will!
Jimmy Labita (jimmylabita{at}hotmail.com) - phoenix, az
Will is a great guy to deal with. We bought our 2005 BMW 330ci with "no muss no fuss" great car with low miles. Already looking for another car through Will. Will, keep up the good work!!!!!!!
Bill LaRoche (wlaroche{at}verizon.net) - Palm Springs area
Will, thanks man for selling me a better than advertised Cadillac CTS. I am very pleased with the car and the service you provided from picking me up at the airport to always returning phone calls and emails well after the sale. I will definitely do business with you again.
Bryan orick (bryan_orick24{at}hotmail.com) - Tennessee
dealing with Will has been the most pleasent and easy going experince i have had EVER buying a car, even compared to ebay and dealers, even all the way across the country. the car is immaculate, and i look forward to doin business with again....THANKS WILL
jon b. (brinkdakid{at}yahoo.com) - virginia
i was very reluctant to buy a car with a salvaged title because in the past it had turned out to be a huge mistake (at a different dealer of course) Will assured me there would be nothing wrong with the BMW i bought from him and he even let me take it to the dealer for an inspection. to my surprise they couldnt not find anything wrong with the vehicle so i told them to check it again, which they did and still it was in perfect running order. ive had the car for a couple months now and no complaints. if this is the case next year then i will be buying from them again and i would refer anyone wanting a quality vehicle for a really low price to do the same.
brandon g (brandongibby{at}yahoo.com) - corona, ca
I was very skeptical about purchasing a salvaged vehicle at first, but when i saw the g35 in person, I could not believe that it had a salvaged title. The car looked like it was in near perfect condition and it drives great. Will was a great salesman and I will definately do business with again. I purchased a beautiful car at a great price.
Henry (hslboyze{at}hotmail.com) - Long Beach, CA
Since I had a personal mechanic/friend whom I could bring along with me to check out cars, buying a salvaged vehicle was actually somewhat desirable as I might have been able to get a great car at a great price. Unfortunately, the last few salvaged cars we visited just weren't worth it. But fortunately, we came across Will . The car we went to look at was a 2006 Acura TSX. No bondo used here! Everything was repaired near perfect using original parts. The damaged before pics were also nice to see. My mechanic had a look and test drive, gave me his seal of approval, and I bought it the next day. That following weekend, I brought the car over to my mechanic for a more thorough inspection and we found some minor issues with the stability link, door locks, and memory seats. I sent Will an email and he was able to promptly take care of all the remaining issues. I am now completely satisfied with my car purchase and on my way to recommending him to my frien
William - Rowland Heights, CA
I purchased a 2004 BMW 330i and had it shipped to Spokane, Wa. I have never met Will in person, this deal was completed over the phone and email, so there was definitley a huge element of trust. This turned out to be a great experience! Will is a true business man and stands behind his deal to the end! I imported this car and had some difficulty obtaining a recall letter from BMW. Will had already received payment and could have simply said its not his problem, however Will did everything possible even calling BMW himself to get this letter. Needless to say the problem was resolved and Will was a huge help. I took the car to BMW in Canada and was so impressed with the report from the service department. They were so amazed with the quality of the car and the workman ship that two of the techs asked for Will's website. They also confirmed that the car was not in a a heavy accident and that the frame was not damaged. If you truely want an amazing deal on a luxury car I would de
Ryan Dyck (rdyck17{at}gmail.com) - Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
What an amazing transaction! We bought a Lexus IS 300. Will stayed in touch with us for weeks while the car went thru very careful rebuilding. We were excited to get the car ASAP, but he refused to rush the perfect system they have in place. The car has been PERFECT! We live in Las Vegas, so Will told us to have the car inspected immediately upon receipt of the vehicle, in which he would pay for anything wrong, but not one problem since time of inception. This was 2 years ago . . . and here we are again looking to buy another car from him! No trust issues! Thanks Will.
Gus & Leah (gusdog811{at}cox.net) - Las Vegas, NV
Hi Will, thanks a lot for my 07 White BMW 335. At the CHP they just didn't know why it was salvaged. The car is gorgeous and it drives like crazy. I ll send you my first speeding tickets! Thanks a lot and we will keep in touch for more cars! Take care Tony
Tony (tjlandegent{at}hotmail.com) - Netherlands
Thanks Will for a flawless transaction. I bought a 07 BMW 328i back in Aug. At first I was skeptical because the price is too good to be true. My initial doubts were: is the car legal or a scam? Is the car heavily repaired and will it break down after a month? Is the CHP process complicated? Will I get any services after sales? Well, it has been three months now. The car and services have exceeded my expectation in every way. Below are highlights of my experience. At first, Will and I talked over the phone. I decided to fly down to long beach to check out the car. Will picked me up at LAX. We went to his shop. He is running a very professional repair shop. The car he showed me is scratch-less and very clean - just as advertised. He showed me the repair receipts (the same receipts are also shown to the CHP). The car is only lightly damaged and inside it smells like new. CHP process looks complicated but Will did all the DMV registration, CHP inspection, etc. for me. So it is completely
Ming (appletale{at}hotmail.com) - San Francisco, CA
Continue... CHP process looks complicated but Will did all the DMV registration, CHP inspection, etc. for me. So it is completely trouble free. I only paid my registration fee. Will didn’t charge other fees. Along the way, Will responds to my emails/questions very fast. After a couple of months, I got my title (salvaged) and registration and the car is running smoothly. Overall, Will is honest, professional, an expert in the repair business, and provides a lot of services and value to his customers. Everything is legal. I will certainly go back to him again.
Ming (appletale{at}hotmail.com) - San Francisco, CA
Will did a great job on my 2006 C6 Corvette. Gorgeous coupe, Will took care of the little details, DMV paperwork, etc.. Very satisfied with their service and will be coming back for my next car.
George (pblife{at}sbcglobal.net) - San Diego
The best car buying experience ever. (Definitely better then CarMax).
Nikola Nozinic (nozinic{at}mac.com) -
Hi Will, It was indeed a flawless transaction. I never believed anyone could be so honest on the internet these days. I bought a Mercedes Benz E350 and and it came looking exactly what you told me over the internet. I really appreciate your honesty and look forward to doing more business with you in future. Thanks Will and best regards, Iyke Ifediba
Iykeifediba (iykeifdiba{at}yahoo.co.uk) - Lagos Nigeria
Will is a great guy, my finance company was not easy to deal with and I was not easy to deal with. Will worked through both and I was on my way in my beautiful 05 vette. I have to say I was a bit worried at first because there location does not look like a normal dealer. Rest assured they are a first class establishment and are more trust worthy than a lot of normal car dealers. Although my car was a clean title I have no doubt that there other cars are the same quality. I recommend them to any one, and hope to do business with them again!
Bill Roper (Bill_roper{at}hotmail.com) - Somis, CA
Will just delivered my Infiniti G37S today (1/30/09). Working with Will has been a pleasure. He made sure that the car he delivered was as perfect as possible. As a psychotherapist, I am pretty good at reading people. My first impression of Will was that he was a honest person, who cares foremost about making his customers happy. This turned out to be right on. Will was always available by telephone to give me status updates and was very patient with me. He even took care of a scratch, which I had not expected him to do. I love my car and will be referring everyone I know to him. Out of 5 stars I give Will 5 stars. Thanks Will, I will always come back to you for all my future cars!
Rod Louden (lossnot{at}yahoo.com) - West Hills
Update. A few days after Will delivered my G37S, which is awesome, the windshield developed a crack. I called Will and within 24 hours he replaced the Windshield at no cost! I can't say enough about the outstanding customer service Will provides. More than anything, he understands the power of a happy customer and how that generates referrals. I am handing his card out to everyone I know. This is the 3rd car that I have had with a salvaged title. This is where the great deals lie becasue most people let fear get in the way. THANK YOU WILL! Rod Louden Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Rod Louden (lossnot{at}yahoo.com) - West Hills
I bought my dream car a CTS Cadillac through this company saving thousands of dollars and I am really happy with my experience. At first I tough the price is too good to be true. I had this car inspected by my own mechanic who informed me the car was in really good condition. After two months I told Will that the tire was making a weird noise and he contacted me immediately and asked me to take the car anytime to the dealer shop. I took the car in and they fixed the problem right away “FREE OF CHARGE”. So, I am very grateful with Will’s work and honesty. Now, my fiancée is planning to buy a BMW from Will. Thank you Will for all your help
Yelitza (veyelitza{at}yahoo.com) - Venezuela
I am very pleased with Will and my dream car he deleivered to me. 06 335i BMW. The transition was very smooth and he was very patient which showed he was a great seller. Very satisfied with the Business and Satisfaction I got. Thanks and Good Luck with everything.
Erika A (erika.arciniega{at}bcbg.com) - Los Angeles
My husband is serves in the Army and is currently deployed to Iraq. When I told him that I would need some work on my car he began searching the internet for cars to find something to replace it. He found the most beautiful 2006 BMW 330ci convertible on Wil's site and called me to let me know that he wanted me to call and get additional info on the car. From the first time that I spoke with Wil he was very honest with me and gave me any information that I needed. Because we live out of state and my husband in not in country there was extra work necessary getting all of the paperwork in order and dealing with the finance company. Wil actually spoke with a representative at the finance company and made sure everything was arranged properly. He also had the car inspected and registered for me and even arranged the shipping at the best price available, so all I had to do was wait for it to arrive. I absolutely love my car and could not have gotten a better deal. My husband purchased a brand new X3 at retail in 2005, but we will not make that same mistake again. The service and quality was wonderful, even though we are on opposite coasts. Thanks Wil.
Chursten (romart348{at}aol.com) - Erwin, NC
Thank you so much Will for my car. You are a very easy man to deal with and you really care about making your clients happy. I am thankful for how flexible and easy going you are. You made it enjoyable to get a car. I wish you all the best!
Donna - Los Angeles, CA
Just want to share with the buyers that this dealer is a great place to shop. They're promtped on what they promised, the price is low, and the car I bought is great. You can buy with confident. I'm sure that I will come back for my future car. Thanks Will, Tim
Tim (tngo1213{at}yahoo.com) - Garden Grove, Orange County
Great deal, great service and a great car. I purchased a 328i BMW 08 approximately 2 months ago and I’m really happy with this vehicle. Usually I go on long trips whenever I have chance (Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego) with my car, and I have to say it runs and looks great. When you buy from this company you save a lot of money and avoid the pressure from car dealers. Will is very helpful and honest and tells you with details the repairs of the vehicle. My fiancée also bought a car (CTS Cadillac) from this company last year and so far she is happy with her ride. If you are looking for a nice car and you want to save money without the pressure and headaches from a car salesman you need to call this place and ask for Will.
Luis Enrique (escalluis{at}yahoo.com) - Silverlake, CA
Im a U.S Army soldier and was deployed to Iraq when I saw the car of my dreams, I was skeptical of buying a car from 5000 miles away but Will and the staff at this dealership worked with me beyond my belief, they would let me have the car inspected and test driven by my mechanics that i would send. The transaction was pain-free from beginning to end, and when all was done i received a beautiful BMW, Will and the staff were very helpful even after the purchase was completed, would recommend 100% to all new car seekers. I will be buying my next BMW from him in the near future.
Efrain Jimenez (cavalryscout18{at}yahoo.com) - Los Angeles CA
To whom may be reading this, I recently Purchased a car ( 07' BMW 328I Loaded) from Will and Timo and I have to say it was The best car shopping experience I have ever had!!!. Will and Timo are the "Unicorns" of the Car business, the people that you always wanted to be working with in the car business and just cannot find. They were VERY patient with me and questions/concerns about the vehicle, They answered ALL of my questions they even had lunch with me. I have too many good things to say about them and not enought time. I will tell you that i believe you will have a great experience with them purchasing a car and they are honest and PROUD of the work they do. Thank you Will and Timo for everything... Steven G.
Steven G. (Stevenglv{at}gmail.com) - Las Vegas, NV
I picked the car from the website, left a deposit, and saw the car after it was fixed. That was when I decided that Wil and his crew are very professional and they know how to put cars together. I was very pleased and exceed my expectations. My BMW not only runs fantastic, it also looks very new!
allen (allen.moradkanian{at}gmail.com) - Arizona
I had been very skeptical of buying a salvage vehicle thinking I would end up with a lot of problems. However, I came across one of Will's cars for sale on the the internet and after checking out their web site I decided to come take a look. We ended up buying a 2007 Acura TLS and couldn't be happier with the purchase. We got the car for thousands less than its normal price and the car is virtually perfect. My wife's friends all thought it was a new car and were jealous of her for having it! There were a few small things that needed fixing after we had driven it a couple weeks and Will fixed them all no questions asked. My opinion has changed so that now I think that buying a salvage title car from someone that is expert in buying and repairing them is a smart money move. I expect we will be buying more cars from Will !
Mark Y (iepowergym{at}gmail.com) - Corona CA
i'm interesting in 08 bmw 135 i but i don't see the before pics on this want to know what happen with accident if satisfied with accident pics im willing to buying it
andy kim (kbb0422{at}yahoo.com) - los angeles
I recently bought a 2007 BMW 328I from Will, I was very specific about what I wanted and very time pressed at the same time. Will was able to succeed my expectations and I had my car within the promised time. Will is an amazing business man very thorough and answered all my questions, his customer service is beyond satisfactory. I love my car and hope to buy another one with Will's help in the near future.
Starz Ramirez (starz.lasvegas{at}yahoo.com) - Las Vegas, NV
dear williams. this is the first time i deal with you, and i was very freed but when i got my car it was exagtlly like you said. im very please to dail with you from now and up. i hope we can do good bisnes togother. thank you again look forward to hear from you. yours taisir
taisir alhmaidat (taisir_i{at}yahoo.com) - jordan
I purchased a 2008 BMW 328i Coupe loaded with all the bells and whistles, leather, sports pkg, navi, keyless entry. You name it this car has it! I was never pressured into making a purchase (unlike other dealerships) test drove many cars before making my final decision. I must say once you go BMW you never go back to driving anything else. Timo was very helpful, knowledgeable explained the damages the vehicle once had and the repair work that was done. I got a great working and looking car at great price. I’m writing this customer feedback today, after almost a yr of owning my car. The reason for waiting almost a yr is so that I can be certain about my feedback. I really wanted to make sure I had the experience of dealing w/ Timo and after nearly one yr; I can say I am 100% satisfied w/ my purchase. I’ve already referred a number of customers to him. One of which has recently 2007 BMW 328i also loaded.
G Lopez (gerardo.lopez{at}mattel.com) - San Fernando Valley
Shopping for a Lexus on-line got me to your site. I was totally surprised and unbelieving at the deal I got and the dependable service and follow up since my purchase a month ago. In spite of the less than fancy surroundings everything went well. Why support a fancy dealership when Will and friends are available. Get your next car from"Ournextcar.com. You wont be disappointed. Thanks, Arvi
Arvid von Nordenflycht (arvidvn{at}yahoo.com) - Rancho Palos Verdes
u have a lot of nice cars.
phiphat promchart (nicky_zz{at}hotmail.com) - los angeles
I stumbled across this website looking for used cars. After some lengthy reason about salvage titles and asking a lot of questions I purchased a car from Will. Will was great during the entire process, handling all my questions and taking care of a lot of paperwork. The shipping company broke an interior piece but Will replaced the piece no questions asked. The service is second to none and I would buy a car from them in a second.
T Scheidecker (tys90 at hotmail.com) - Iowa
I purchased a 06 325i a few months ago and I couldnt love the car more. Will has gone out of his way to help me with any issues that I have had and I fully recommend anyone interested in getting a really nice car for an even better price. I will most definitly be a repeat customer.
Shane (shane_lee70{at}yahoo.com) - San Diego
you guys should get a loaded bmw 135i.
raman (rmnbss{at}yahoo.com) - morgan hill
im in with love my new g35
shaaib (sh-b-sh{at}hotmail.com) - la
I bough Lexus IS 250 one month ago and I really happy with this car. I'm from Russia and it was really difficult to by a car after an accident. Will helped me with everything Thank you!
Maxim Grachev (grachev{at}att.net) - LA
I bought a 2008 Lexus IS250 with all teh bells and whistles five months ago after my sister and I came across his ad while shopping. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The car runs and looks like nothing has ever happened to it. Also, months after purchasing the car, I am appreciatie that Will gladly helped me with minor things such as replacing the fog lights, buffing out some scratches, etc. I am letting friends know and would gladly buy again.
Thao (teacherchau{at}yahoo.com) - Cerritos
My car was delivered in perfect condition. Customer service was excellent. Any time I had a question or needed help Will was there. I plan to buys from these guys again in the future.
Rowan Sutherland (commerce{at}lunarsea.us) - Los Angeles
i was very skeptical at first. visited Will many times, and bothered him via text and email very often. I was definitely not the easiest customer. Suffice it to say, Will and his team didn't get everything to my satisfaction the first time, but were willing to try and do it again, which they did. The second go around, I was very pleased, and will be returning to purchase again, as well as referring friends. I would recommend that if you are looking to buy a car from Will, pay close attention to details. I keep reminding myself what the car looked like post accident, and when I do that, I am impressed. However, it is certainly not a brand new off the lot car-- but then again, that's not my expectation.
Jonathan (jrosario{at}masimolabs.com) - irvine, ca
When we first meet Will we instantly felt as if he was a trust worthy person and he proved us right. We purchased are car from Will 6 months ago....WE LOVE IT! It's a 2004 Acura TL very low mileage, looks brand new, & drives great. This was the best car buying experience we have ever had. We are already planning to buy another car from him and we have recomended a few friends to Will. Thank You!
Natalie Cordova (nataliec322{at}yahoo.com) - Colorado
my experience was very good better then i expected, we spoke about the car the b4 status wht needed to be replace so i spoke with a mechanic and he basically told me thesame thing that was told to me by this dealership that alone made me feel very comfortable along with the costumer service would def recommend to any1 who is skeptical...
nachy2008 (moby123{at}yahoo.com) - CA
I recently bought a lexus is 250 and when i first saw it online i though that was going to be my car,then i went to test drive it and definitely i had to make it my car. i think it was the best buy i have ever made in my last couple of years. the cars was in perfect conditions clean in and out,it even smell brand new. now i feel good about my self for making a good decision in my life.I would definitely refer them to my friends and family. a special thanks to will and the (ournextcar.com) crew.
darwin (darwin_2002{at}hotmail.com) - Los Angeles
I purchased a 2008 Prius from Will back in October. The car has been perfect mechanically and looks brand new. I would highly recommend Will to anyone out there looking to purchase a nice car at a deep discount.
John (palibruin{at}yahoo.com) - Pacific Palisades, CA
Looking for a 2007 or newer Toyota Tundra Crew Cab, or Tahoe/Yukon
Rod Fuentes (rdvja{at}sbcglobal.net) - Santa Clarita
I just got my Toyota Matrix 09 from Ournextcar.com. It is running like new. I love it so much. It is the car that I been looking for to get in years. Thanks to them. They made it affordable to a everyone.
Ly Taing (lytaing{at}yahoo.com) - Downey LA
iv purhe a bmw 645 frome you guys and i licke the cafr very much iv fixed up a liter bit more to look mor sexy
constantinescu dan (ancatruking{at}yahoo.com) - los angeles
Hey, this is Lin, I just got the 03 audi A4 from Albert for my brother, they are really very nice guy and feel very pure-hearted :) Also, the car looks pretty, it is under very nice driving contition so far. Anyway, good luck to them, have nice business!
Linfeng Yuan (xlin1230{at}gmail.com) - Irvine
I bought '06 BMW from Will. I would highly recommend Will to anyone!!! Will did all paper work for this car (registration). I am new in CA, so i am really happy that a met such a nice person like Will! Thank You Will very much for everything!
Raimonda - Lithuania
will is a bad ass! strait forward no bs. love the new 335. thanks man cant waite for the m5
alec farr (alecbfarr{at}hotmail.com) - las vegas
I bought an ’07 Acura TL Type-S from Will back in Sept. ’09. Will got it all registered for me and then I flew out to Cali and picked the car up. I have had zero problems in 9 months and the warranty makes this a risk free purchase. I love my car and am now getting into this business thanks to the great experience I had. I’d highly recommend Will and tell all my friends to check out the website and get a car from him. Thanks Will!
Tim (timwhitley{at}gmail.com) - Lehi, UT
I recently purchased a 2008 Mazda 3s Grand Touring and I love it!The car runs and looks like new.Will did a really good job.I just want to share what a great experience I had doing business with him. Will was very professional and reliable.I Would definitely buy a car here again. Thank you for all your help Will! God Bless You!
Louie (luich77777{at}yahoo.com) - O.C ca
I bought an ’08 BMW 328 2008 from Will back in April. ’2010. The car ran great! I hand some minor issue (lose screws, some scratches) with the car but Will take care of everything. I’d highly recommend Will and tell all my friends to check out the website and get a car from him. Thanks Will!
Stefan (tuineag{at}gmail.com) - Lomita
I bought a BMW about 6 months ago, the car was excellent. He really stands for his products. I am very fussy but Wil never get tired of all my questions and best of all he is very professional. Thanks Wil Alex Yue
Alex Yue (yuealex{at}hotmail.com) - Los Angeles
I bought an '08 G35 in early April from Will and Albert. The car and customer service was great. The few issues I had were taken care of quickly and efficiently. They were always ready to help. I have already put 10K miles on the car and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Will and Albert to anyone considering buying a car. Thanks again.
B Jackson (buckj1{at}cox.net) - San Clemente
This is one of the best dealers i ever gone to, they have really good customer service. Me and my wife are definitely coming for are next car and we will recommend them to all are freinds and family.
Pablo Hernandez (pablo454ss{at}hotmail.com) - Arizona
Will and his team are the perfect solution to buying a best value car that anyone could possibly find. I highly recommend Will to all buyers looking for a great car. Ken Gilleland, BMW owner.
Ken Gilleland (kegilleland{at}mac.com) - Long Beach
BMW 335i Best Price! Best Quality! Best service! no kidding :D
Jae Song (jaeho84{at}hotmail.com) - Valley
This place awesome. Not only did I get a great deal, but I got great peace of mind. Will is the man. He's thorough, he's knowledgable, and he's a really cool guy. If you buy from him you won't be sorry.
Paxton Yue (paxtonyue{at}gmail.com) - Los Angeles
Just bought a 2007 328i with 25,000 miles on it. I am very happy with the car and with the buying experience. To get a better deal, I gave Will a deposit and then picked out a car directly from the insurance auction website. Even though I had to pay money up front, I believe that I got a significantly better deal this way. Will followed through on everything that was promised and more. I found him to be knowledgable and willing to take the time to answer any questions that I had. In short, it was a very positive buying experience. I love my barbera red BMW, and Will was professional and easy to work with. I have no hesitation in giving Will and Ournextcar my unqualified recommendation.
Matt Granger (matt8235{at}hotmail.com) - Hollister, CA
I found Will from Cars.com on LA Times Website, I asked him to come to the showroom for Toyota Camry 2005 for my son after hours around 8-9 pm on this past Labor Day and he agreed to meet me. We tested drive the car and we liked it and bought it on the spot that night. It's the best value, best price and best condition compare to other cars we've seen over the past 2 weeks. On top of that, Will gave 3 months warranty on the car and he honored his service out of his way to keep us happy. His integrity, trustworthy, honesty, pride in his work, especially customer care serve us well. I highly recommend him and his cousin Alberto dealership, Ournextcar.com. One more interesting thing about the salvage vehicle or title, it has no effect to the insurance companies and their policy or premium. I already checked into this, unless you got the wrong company who try to scam you for more premium with all those excuses. My son, my husband and I at first worried about this but this Camry. On my final words this Camry worth every penny. And Will, your character count!
Sue Teng (pangpaew{at}att.net) - Glendale, CA 91202
My experience buying from Will was really great. Not only were he and Bill willing to stay late in order to accommodate my schedule, but he also drove the car that I purchased to my home the next day. He had just what I needed for a great price. The great thing about going with Will's cars, is that you can find really good vehicles with few miles and great gas mileage for less then anywhere else. I never expected to be driving a car like the one I have now for another five years. But Will made it possible. I will definitely recommend this place!
Tiffani Barth (tiffbarth{at}gmail.com) - North Hollywood
From the very beginning Will was upfront, honest, and very informative. I was skeptical to buy a salvaged vehicle and my wife even more. When I communicated this to Will he suggested that I make sure both my wife and I are comfortable before I make a decision to buy a salvaged car. He did not try to convince me of anything...just clear communication. I was able to look at the car before it was repaired to check for any damage before new parts were installed. After Will drove halfway to San Diego from L.A. to meet me, he said most people leave a small deposit on their first vehicle from me. On their second vehicle, they write me a check for the entire amount. Well said, Will. Trustworthy dealership in every detail. Thanks so much!! Keith
keith alban (jameskeithalban{at}sbcglobal.net) - Encinitas, California
:Like everyone, I was somewhat skeptical of buying a salvaged title vehicle, but I love my 2009 Tacoma PreRunner. Everyone thinks a bought a new vehicle. Dealing with Bill and Will was truly a great experience. Everything they said was very accurate. Bill delivered the vehicle to my house and we took care of all the paperwork in a timely fashion. I have had my truck for 9 months now with no problems. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal. Thanx.
Mark Steska (Steska@fhpumps.com) 949-636-4502
I purchased a 6 MT 328i in the beginning of April, and I'm very happy with it. I was uncertain at buying a used car especially a salvaged title, but it has been close to 3 months with a little over 2,000 miles on it and everything is in perfect condition. Our Next Car has some nice selection of luxury cars in their inventory, I will definitely recommend Our Next Car to other potential buyers. Will, the seller of our car, was really straightforward with all his answers and really down to Earth, Will hooks it up! Thanks a lot for the new car at a great price!
Vicky Huang (vhuan004@ucr.edu)
Comments: I bought a BMW 335i from Our Next Car and I am in love with my car. I bought my car about 5 months ago. I bought the car with 6,200 miles and just the other day i hit 13k miles. I've driven this car 7,000 miles since i bought it 5 months ago and I have yet to encounter any problems with the car. Car runs like new. It practically was new when I bought it. I've had some questions that I asked Will about and he answers anything til this day. With the deal I got on the car, I honestly couldn't be happier. I know for a fact that I will contact Our Next Car for my next car purchase. When I have questions about the car, I call Will and he even has my number saved in his phone so he adresses me by my name when I call him which gives you a comfy and trusting feel as far as customer service goes. I don't even mind leaving my email number behind so any future customers can email or call me if they want to ask anything. Phone: (530) 9494-2979
Raj Kandhola (K95raja@yahoo.com)
I'm a very cautious person when it comes to making large purchases. As with any vehicle, a salvage title is a red flag. However, with the vehicles that ournextcar.com obtains, their statements regarding the high quality of their vehicles ring true. In December of 2010, I purchased an Audi S5 from ournextcar.com and I have been very pleased with the performance and reliability. My vehicle had before/after photos as shown on this very website (click around the site to find it) and after having it looked at in person and by other mechanics, the initial damage that was shown, was restored back to brand new condition. I have had no issues with driving the vehicle, no physical issues or anything. People who see it think it's brand new. Will was upfront, very accommodating, provided all paperwork, and to this day still answers any questions I have as well as offering help. I'm very impressed with the overall transaction, quality of post-sale customer service, and more importantly, the vehicle. For my first luxury car, I'm glad I went with ournextcar.com.
Pete M (petem22@gmail.com)
I just purchased a second car from Will within 9 months from my first purchase. I decided to go back to Our Next Car to buy a BMW 335i for my wife this time. From my first experience with Will, I trusted him enough to buy again a vehicle sight-unseen and over 340 miles away. He and I talked on July and made a deal on a just arrived BMW that he was working on, made a deposit to secure my claim and the car was delivered to me on mid August. I love this car just as much as my G37 I got from him last year, which so far is still running great. My garage is now complete with a set of competing sports sedan. They are both very sporty, fast, and fun to drive. I plan to shop with Will again in the future if he has what I'll be looking for then. New, used or salvaged, anything can happen, but I trust Will on his work and he's willing to help out if there's a problem.
Rox H. - Cupertino, CA
I'm writing this review afer having purchased and driven a 2007 Lexus IS 250 since August 2011 from Will Ramirez's family business-Our Next Car,located in Downey, CA. My motivation in writing this review is largely in part due to the negative review I read on Yelp that was completely at odds with my own buying expeience. The company caters to individuals like myself who want to purchase semi-luxury to luxury cars, but at a significant discount. Mr. Will Ramirez, one of the owners, is an extraordinarily honest, kind, intelligent, and patient dealer. He was willing to answer any and all questions, offer a generous trade-in on my old car, and even negotiate the price on the Lexus (already offered for a very fair price). Having a license as a dealer requires Mr. Ramirez to follow many established guidelines, including posting a bond. He offered me a 3 month guarrantee (unheard of when purchasing salvage vehicles), purchased an owners' manual, new car mats, completely detailed the car, fixed a few very minor nuts and bolts issues, and will pay for the alignment when I need to purchase new tires. The car itself, of course, is in pristine, like new conditon, with only 22,000 miles. The Our Next Car dealership has an actual showroom with cars, a small repair bay, and a casual, very friendly vibe when you enter the doors. I trusted Will immediately but also verified my purchase by having a complete pre-sales mechanical inspection by Okimotos of Norwalk, CA. They kept the car for almost 4 hours while I was there, checking the alignment, electrical, brakes, etc. and confirmed that although the car had light damage it was solid (in fact the alignment check found almost perfect alignment not requiring adjustment until I purchase new tires). I walked away with a vehicle that will last me for many years, confident that I've found a dealer for the future. Paul V.
Paul F. - Cerritos, CA
Reliable and THE BEST PRICES, for shopping for a car, one stop. Will and his staff have been very helpful, and friendly, even with the simplest question, and they offer also the best maintenance and cost effective solutions. I recommend anyone looking for a car to go to Will.
Yvette P. - Beverly Hills, CA
In January 2012 we purchased a BMW 335I from Will. He was extremely helpful with the purchase. We took it for a test drive and Will was able to answer all of our questions. Back at the lot we did a full inspection of the car and again all of our questions were answered. Will gave us a 90 warranty on the car but also told us if we ever had any problems past these 90 days to feel free to bring it by. Will is a man with integrity which is hard to find these days. I will do business with him in the future.
Debi R. - Victorville, CA
Will, thanks. Forthright and candid discussions over 6 weeks preceeded my recent purchase of a bmw m3. Upon inspection and test drives, I found it exactly as described. My only critique of Will was that he took a really bad angled picture of the car for his "post" picture. The car is awesome, I feel I got tremendous value, and my experience with the interaction was a good one. This is the second used car Ive purchased, and after this process, I would prefer this type of transaction over a private party sale. I have no idea what any of the other cars on the lot are like, but it took me 5 months to find the car I wanted, and will had it for $6k less than a car I would have had to get shipped from Tampa-also used, but site unseen. I was a lot more comfortable after seeing everything in person. I wanted to write this review because I relied on this feedback before checking the car out. It occurred to me that a business like this would last a very short time if customers weren't pleased with the experience and outcome. I am.
Michael S. - San Diego, CA
I'll try to keep it short (Disclaimer: using my girlfriends yelp). I bought a 2007 BMW 335i from Will in March of 2011. Is it used? Yes, all vehicles here are. Does it have a salvage title? Yes, but Will has clear title vehicles too. Are there issues with the vehicle I bought? Yes, but that's not Will's fault! ALL used vehicles HAVE issues. I personally love my car I bought from Will. It's fast, real fast, a lot of fun to drive and it looks brand new. I just shopped around for a long time and lucked out when I found my car on Will's lot at a great price. Will even let's me bring my car back to him for service at a fraction of the price I would pay at my local BMW dealer. Plus, will answers my phone calls when I have questions and he always calls me back when I leave a message. All in all, I have no complaints. You absolutely won't find a better deal on a used vehicle anywhere else. Keep up the good work Will, Todd.
Dana R. - Long Beach, CA
I purchased a 2010 Lexus IS250 four months ago from OurNextCar LLC. I had been looking at their web site for a while as I was considering replacing my current car. I was surprised at the number of newer, high-end vehicles (most with low miles) that they had available. I have been very happy with the car I bought and the with service I received from Will Ramirez prior to and after the sale. Since I am an insurance agent, I'm familiar with some of the situations that result in a car having a salvage title, and OurNextCar does a good job of locating these easily repairable cars, professionally repairing them, and passing on the significant savings to their customers. My neighbor just bought a car from OurNextCar after he saw what I saved when I bought my car.
Randy Bartlett (RandyBartlett@allstate.com)
I just wanted to say thank you for making this a very good experience! Will knew I was terrified about purchasing a car from an online website. He was great about keeping up with my ongoing questions and was still reassuring when I suggested that I wanted to call the BBB before making my decision. I really how Will was very forthcoming as I kept asking questions. Once we agreed to move forward, Will continued to be available and return calls. At the last minute, we decided to pick the car up a week earlier than originally agreed. He was so accommodating! As we arrived, Will was giving our car one last last check before leaving the lot. The drive home was a real test, as we drove more than 900 miles the next day! I am very pleased with the way the my new car handles and sounds. I am also very impressed with the cleanliness and all the details that Will took care of before we arrived! I look forward to working with Will when we need "our next car!" Thank you again!!
Terri - Oregon
Will and the team were wonderful to work with and gave full disclosure to the history of the vehicle. The vehicle was clean and I have nothing but goodthingsto say about the service and product I recieved.
Christopher Maynard (slugmay{at}yahoo.com) - Hermosa Beach, CA
I was shopping around for a Car for several Months. I talked to the fellas Will and Albert and I knew they were good honest people, and they were in business to stay in business. I got a great deal on a 2008 Yaris, although I bought it as is there was a slight noise from a belt that was getting to me. Even though they did not have to repair it, they actually repaired it free of charge for me. I got my Car back the same day friday. Not to make this a sobby story, however I am extra greatfull due to the fact that I wanted everything in my car to run and sound great, since it was my mothers funeral the next day. Thanks guys I appreciate it.
Omar (omarnovela{at}gmail.com) - Downey, CA
We had a great experience purchasing our vehicle from Our Next Car. The company is a trustworthy company. Everything was exactly as on the website and as discussed on the phone. We got all the paperwork we needed and were informed of exactly the steps necessary to register our vehicle. We drove the car back all the way home to Seattle, over 20 hours, without a hitch! Now that's a true test drive! Thanks for your great service and honesty!
Michael K (krahnmichael{at}gmail.com) - Seattle, WA
In the market for a car. I have been talking to Albert. I'm interested in learning about the cars that are nearly finished being repaired.
Ed Speer (edspeer{at}essexfutures.com) - Orange County, CA
I negotiated and bought my car from Will sight unseen. The car and all the paperwork arrived on time and as represented. Overall a great experience.
Jay Pellegrini (jay.pellegrini{at}firstpremium.com) - Louisiana
I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Will Ramirez. I can purchase just about any auto I choose to, but with today’s economic times I look for value in just about everything. I was very reluctant to purchase a Salvaged/Repaired automobile but after researching today’s cars and understanding how they’re made with crash zones and can easily be rebuilt (With the right type of crash) I started to look into it further, then I ran into Will and Our Next Car. Will and his staff understand which type of cars to purchase from years of experience and understand how a crash impacts a car and how it effects the rebuild. Learning all this I ended up purchasing my first rebuilt a 2012 Ford Focus SEL from Will and www.ournextcar.com. And I will definitely look to OURNEXTCAR.com for my next purchase. I visited other rebuilders in person (Other Cities) and none compare with the quality of service, attention to detail, overall value and how Will walked me through the process. Will, was very forthcoming.
Chris Sabonis (cbonis72{at}gmail.com) - Dallas, Texas
I had a great experience with the guys at ournextcar. bought my daughter a car and will buy my next car also.
Denise Walsh (denisew2006{at}yahoo.com) - Orange County CA
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