Questions and answers

1. Are salvage title vehicles insurable? Yes, most insurance comapanies will provide full coverage insurance on any salvage vehicle. Some do require a safety inspection or a report on what was replaced but this is very rare. As far as liability, that every insurance company will do.

2. Is insurance more expensive on a salvage title vehicle? No, insurance is based on replacement coverage and a salvage title vehicle is less expensive to replace than a clean title and therfore insurance is less as they will have less payout in the event of another total loss. If it is not declared a total loss than you will get 100% of the repair cost associated with the accident. If you have an insurance agent claiming it will cost more just because the car has a salavage title then its time to consider a new isurance company as this should not impact the price.

3. I can't register or sell a salvage title or it will be impossible to sell? The answer to this is no, you can register and sell a salvage title as many times as you wish. If the price is attractive enough, it will sell fast. Remember you are also buying the car at a huge discount and you are usually getting all the bells and whistles. You get a Lexus for the price of a Honda, You get a BMW for the price of a Toyota or you get a new loaded 2014 Toyota for the price of an old plain jane Toyota. Most people that drive a salvage title can afford a clean title as they have the cash to pay for it but choose not to in order to save money.  Its a smart deciscion that most of our customer keep on doing each time they need a new vehicle.

4. It will be hard to sell or I wont get anything when I sell it. Keep in mind we mostly sell salvage title vehicles, our price range is from 10k-35k and we sell them every month. If salvage title cars did not sell, we would'nt be in business. Should you buy a vehicle from us and wish to sell it we can assist you when the time comes. First we can do a cash offer based on the cars overall condition, we can take it as a trade in for a different vehicle or we can con-sign it for you and sell it on your behalf at the price you wish. Keep in mind that every car looses value because of usage and age. You loose a percent of the original cost and the less you spend the less you loose. Ex: if you buy a 45k car new and you sell it in one month you will probably get 37k and this is the fastes way to loose money on a car. Keep in mind most people are buying a new vehicle for personal use and not to re-sell it.

5. In order for a car to have a salvage title there has to be at least 75% of its total value. Not true, there are 2 types of salvage vehicles in Califorina. There is a regular "Salvage Title" and  "Non-repairable" salvage title. The non-repairable is vehicle that has substained a significant amount of damage and cannot be repaired or registered. These vehicle are usually bought by dismantlers and junk yards for their good parts but are not and cannot be reconstucted. The others are rebuildable. This can be salvaged because of theft ( no accident) flood (no accident) Fire (No accident) accident and strip. Some are very simple accidents where you and I are completly baffled as why they would right the vehicle of while some have major damage and are not and still carry clear titles. No two accidents are alike and no two repair jobs are alike. While you might get a great car from the streets and craigslist there are some that you have to be cautious of. The benefit of buying from us is that we are heavily regulated by the State of Califonia and the department of motor vehicles. We are also required by law to have these vehicles inspected by the California Highway Patrol to verify good working airbags and that engine or transmissions have not been replaced with stolen parts. This along with a 50,000 bond protects you the consumer against any fraud wether known or un-known. On top of all this we also provide you with a 90 day bumper to bumper warranty. It is a smart purchase if you buy from a tustworthy company. Do your homework and you will be satisfied with your purchase !!